Musical Acoustic Research Center

Quality of sound – specialized services and education
Basic and applied research in the field of musical instrument and voice acoustics
Competence areas:
Sound sources – physical and acoustic properties of sound sources (musical instrument engineering, materials, vibration and radiation conditions, sound quality based decisions).
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Sound propagation - room, environment and sound signal acoustic properties (spatial geometry, treatment materials, sound source - environment interactions; the recording and reproduction of sound...) in a quality of sound context.
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Sound perception and critical listening – auditory perception psychoacoustics (listening tests, sound feature - subjective hearing relationships, perceived sound quality analysis)
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Purpose generated sound – psychoacustics of vocal and musical performance (performance evaluation and prevention and rehabilitation of inappropriate habits)

Activity overview:

The physical acoustics laboratory of MARC research centre is eqiped with a Polytec two-ray laser vibrometer and a Dantec Dynamics pulse interferometer. The interferometer unit is used for visualisation and analysis musical instrument vibration in sound quality research.

Publications are available for review in .pdf format in the MARC research centre publication index list:

A new measurement software has been added to the commercial activity overview:

For human voice activities, please see the section: Výzkum hlasu

  • basic research in musical acoustics and psychoacoustics
  • applied research of acoustic properties of musical instruments
    • visualisation and analysis of musical instrument vibration in "1D" and "3D" using unique laser vibration measurement technology.
    • measurement of musical instrument frequency properties (in an anechoic chamber and "in situ")
    • measurement of musical instrument sound radiation patterns
  • follow-up focused research of sound quality and the quality of sound of musical instruments
  • management and administration of subjective tests
  • statistical analysis of the measured and subjecitve test data
  • tailored measurement of musical instruments
  • tailored test-signal production
  • statistical analysis of acoustic properties of musical instruments in the manufacturing process
  • diagnostics and documentation of musical instrument sound for certification purposes
  • measurement of room acoustics in spaces intended for music
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